Facilitator Development Program

Welcome! Stepping Stone Consulting is building a community of 10 facilitator-consultants to lead nearly 50 virtual racial equity workshops for all 1200 employees in Humboldt County’s Department of Health and Human Services. We are so excited to have the opportunity to bring a talented group of facilitators together, learning from each other while paying a decent wage, and also building our collective capacity to advance racial equity in a large local governmental organization.

Click on links below or scroll down to apply or learn more, or email melissa@steppingstonecg.com with your questions.

Paid Facilitator Activities:

  • Participate in four paid virtual community-building training sessions to learn and co-develop the Foundations of Racial Equity curriculum and practice facilitating (Summer 2023); 
  • Shadow/observe Lead Facilitators during a virtual Foundations of Racial Equity workshop with DHHS to further hone their skills (Fall 2023);
  • Co-facilitate, in a cross-racial pair, up to eight 4-hour virtual Foundations of Racial Equity workshops to DHHS staff (one or two per month, Fall 2023-Fall 2024);
  • Attend periodic optional paid check-in meetings with the full trainer cohort to build community and problem solve together (ongoing);
  • Receive coaching and feedback from Lead Facilitators (ongoing);
  • There may also be future opportunities to engage in additional racial equity consulting with Stepping Stone and DHHS.

Compensation & Timing:

Facilitator Development 2023 Summer Sessions
(15 hours)
Prep time & practice with partner (Summer/Fall 2023)
(4 hours)
Observe Foundations of Racial Equity workshop (Fall 2023) (4 hours)$200
Co-facilitate Foundations of Racial Equity workshops (Fall 2023-Fall 2024) (4 hours, plus 2 hours prep/follow-up per workshop)$450/workshop (up to 8 workshops) = up to $3600
Team check in with Lead Facilitator (Spring 2024) (1 hour)$75
Periodic optional all-team check-in meetings (Winter/Spring 2024) (1.5 hours)$115 per meeting (up to 3 meetings) = up to $345
TOTALUp to $5170

Flat rates during the training/observation period are based on $50/hour. When facilitators complete the training period and begin leading sessions, flat rates are based on $75/hour. There may be opportunities for some facilitators to lead additional workshops for additional compensation.


Qualified applicants will have:

  • Experience facilitating workshops, discussions, or trainings.
  • An understanding of implicit bias and the dimensions of racism.
  • Experience reflecting on and discussing their own identities, privilege, and positionality.
  • Comfort and willingness to respond to challenging questions and engage participants in sometimes uncomfortable conversations about racism. 
  • Access to their own computer, with a working camera and microphone, and Zoom capabilities. 
  • Experience working on equity initiatives in organizations is a plus. 

The Curriculum:

  • Four-hour in-person Foundations of Racial Equity workshop, offered virtually, but in real time.
  • Topics covered include implicit bias, whiteness & the invention of race, four-dimensions of racism, and building anti-racist practices into organizations.
  • Our interactive approach combines presentation, videos, personal reflection, and small & large group discussion.
  • Stepping Stone Consulting will develop the core curricular framework and materials, but facilitators will have opportunities to provide feedback and co-develop modifications during summer training sessions.

Key 2023 Dates

Hiring Process & Timeline

  • April 30 – application deadline
  • May 1-5- application review
  • May 8-17 – 30 minute Zoom interviews; reference checks
  • May 22-26 – applicants notified
  • June 2 – signed contracts returned to Stepping Stone 

Facilitator Development Summer Sessions

  • June x, 3-6pm
  • June x, 3-7pm
  • July x, 3-6pm
  • August x, 3-6pm

It is highly preferred that facilitators participate in all of the summer sessions. However, please do not let a schedule conflict prevent you from applying. There is a place on the application where you can tell us about any anticipated scheduling conflicts, and we will do our best to work with you.  

Foundations of Racial Equity Workshops with DHHS

We will begin offering the virtual Foundations of Racial Equity workshops to DHHS staff during regular business hours in September 2023. We will offer between two and five trainings per month. Facilitators will have an opportunity to schedule their Fall and Spring observation and ongoing DHHS facilitations during our Facilitator Development Summer Sessions. We will attempt to schedule workshops across a range of times in order to accommodate facilitator schedules, though all workshops will take place during regular business hours.

Co-Facilitation Philosophy

In keeping with anti-racism principles, Stepping Stone works/collaborates/facilitates in cross-racial teams. If you already have a co-facilitation partner, you are welcome to apply as a team. Otherwise, Stepping Stone will support individuals in finding one or more compatible co-facilitators. While these pairings will sometimes be based on schedules, we will build in time for relationship building, and we will make every effort to ensure that people are comfortable collaborating with their co-facilitators.

Applicants will be hired as independent contractors/sub-consultants, and will be responsible for invoicing Stepping Stone for their time and paying their own taxes.  

Questions? Email melissa@steppingstonecg.com